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Centre for Women’s Studies

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About the Centre

stablished in July 1999, the Centre offers M.Phil., and Ph.D. in Women's Studies. The overall approach to Women's Studies in this Centre is multidisciplinary. The prime aim of the Centre is the creation of a critical awareness and sensitivity towards women's issues in every field. Both male and female students are admitted. A holistic approach to gender studies is envisaged. It encourages women's academic development and empowerment, the major objective being women's empowerment, the marking out and the definition of a female space.

The following are the thrust areas: * Generating awareness towards women's issues * Gender sensitivity * Women's empowerment * Expression of the women's voice * Socio-cultural factors and marginalization * Legal rights of /for women * Restructuring women's role in history * Critical analysis of stereotyping
About Centre Head

Dr. C. Aruna

Associate Professor
Aruna Chinnappan joined Pondicherry University in 2002 as an Assistant Professor in Sociology. She is currently an Associate Professor (since July 2014) and also head in-charge of the Centre for Women’s Studies (since August 2018). She was the...
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Assistant Professor
Computer, Overhead projector, Colour television, VCD projector, Slide projector and Audio system.
 Women’s Empowerment  Gender Mainstreaming  Feminist theories and their application  Women-centric initiatives  Socio-Cultural factors relating to marginalization of women  Legal rights of /for women  Restructuring women’s roles in history  Gender stereotyping
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